Left column does not reload when selecting a managed system

We've recently purchased a license for Cloudmin Connect and used to old ways I just selected a managed system, clicked on Edit System, changed some stuff there and couldn't understand why it is not working as expected until I realized the left column never reloaded and I was editing the wrong system. Now that's what I'd called dangerous as you can easily mess up systems if you don't manually select the right system and to start working with.

To replicate the issue please go to Cloudmin > List Managed Systems and click on any system to find yourself in Edit System window, but be careful not to click on any of the following links as they are not about current system, because the left column never reloaded:

Change Password
Edit System
Install Packages
Link to Webmin
Open Webmin
Refresh Status
Refresh Status Fully
System Operations
System State
System Configuration

I believe this issue is more about Authentic Theme that Cloudmin UI, so please move this thread to appropriate place.

It is a bit frustrating that the new "official" theme has so many issues.



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