Put Cloudmun on existing lxc / lxd server

Well, I will probably take over an existing Ubuntu 16.04 server, which has lxc and lxd installed. Since there is no really working backupsolution gor lxc / lxd, i am wondering whether i can install cloudmin on top of that. Ubuntu16.04 is running under ZFS, btw.

Do you see any issues? Can i, after installation and setup of cloudmin administer the existing container and replicate/backup them? I do not want to break everything :-)

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Title: Put Cliudmun on existing lxc / lxd server » Put Cloudmun on existing lxc / lxd server

Yes, you can install Cloudmin and import the existing LXC containers into Cloudmin's control.

I have an out of the box LXD/LXC/ZFS setup, cloudmin runs on the host machine (ub1604), no extra software. Cloudmin recognizes lxdbr0, finds other physical machines on the network and even sees the used bridged IPs but doesn't find any lxc instance. Is there any known trick that I could apply to register my containers? Thanks and best

Did you try to import them into Cloudmin using the page at Add System -> Add LXC Instance?

sure I did. No ssh since there is none, the right webmin port although there isn't any, the right container name - no luck. But the lxd documentation says somewhere: don't mix lxd lxc with standard lxc.


What error message did you get exactly? Were you even able to select the LXC container on the Add LXC Container page?

No error message. cloudmin said: 0 container found. Tried every option which i could google and even changed the standard directory from lcx to lxd. No avail

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What does the command lxc-ls -1 output when run on your host system?

Usage: lxc [subcommand] [options]
Available commands:
        config     - Manage configuration.
        copy       - Copy containers within or in between lxd instances.
        delete     - Delete containers or container snapshots.
        exec       - Execute the specified command in a container.
        file       - Manage files on a container.
        help       - Presents details on how to use LXD.
        image      - Manipulate container images.
        info       - List information on LXD servers and containers.
        launch     - Launch a container from a particular image.
        list       - Lists the available resources.
        move       - Move containers within or in between lxd instances.
        profile    - Manage configuration profiles.
        publish    - Publish containers as images.
        remote     - Manage remote LXD servers.
        restart    - Changes state of one or more containers to restart.
        restore    - Set the current state of a resource back to a snapshot.
        snapshot   - Create a read-only snapshot of a container.
        start      - Changes state of one or more containers to start.
        stop       - Changes state of one or more containers to stop.
        version    - Prints the version number of this client tool.

  --all              Print less common commands.
  --debug            Print debug information.
  --verbose          Print verbose information.
  --version          Show client version.

  LXD_CONF           Path to an alternate client configuration directory.
  LXD_DIR            Path to an alternate server directory.

Ok, it looks like the version of LXC that you're using there is quite different to what Cloudmin expects. I think we'd need to do some work to support LXD properly - right now, only plain LXC is supported.

i think ZFS is not fully supported, is it?

No, there's no support in Cloudmin for ZFS.