Allow to edit the PHP version only

Since a recent upgrade (commit), the "PHP Version" menu in the virtual-server does not exist anymore, instead it has been moved to "PHP Options" (better UX).

However, this last does not show when you have only the "Can select PHP version" permission (edit_phpver), it show only when you have the "Can edit website options" (edit_phpmod) permission (see in

So the users with edit_phpver permission cannot edit the PHP version, unless they have edit_phpmod permission too.

In our case we don't want to allow them to edit the PHP mode, but we like to let them choose their PHP version, which is so impossible.

In think the edit_phpmode.cgi page should be allowed in both case, if the user has edit_phpver permission OR edit_phpmod permission. And the options displayed on this page should depends on these 2 permissions.

You can reproduce it easily :

  • Create a virtual-server

  • Go to Administration Options > Edit Owner Limits

  • In the section "Allowed capabilities and features" > "Edit capabilities for virtual servers" : check only "Can select PHP versions"

  • Then login as the virtual-server owner : you don't see "PHP Options" menu nor "PHP Version menu"

if you validate it, I may be able to make a pull request if you have no time :)

Thanks !

Fixed (pending)
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Title: Allow to edit the PHP verson only ยป Allow to edit the PHP version only

Thanks - we'll fix this in the next release.

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Submitted by Ilia on Tue, 04/27/2021 - 03:24

@xorax - if you feel like it, you can try this patch, and tell us if it works for you.