.procmailrc not hit

Hello Everybody.

hope, this is the right Forum for my Problem.

I have a Zarafa Server, which is being served the mails via procmail. Everything ist fine except for now. -procmail stoppped reading local .procmailrcs, the individual user has in his home.

Here's an example .procmailrc that working for a very long time:

:0 w
* ^X-Spam-Status: Yes
| /usr/bin/zarafa-dagent -j user.domain
:0 w
| /usr/bin/zarafa-dagent user.domain

The main log of procmail stats, that it puts the Mail into the Maildir, which in my case is wrong (because i pipe it to a different application..).

From info@domain.tld Fri Jun 18 09:41:35 2010 Subject: AW: Subject.. Folder: /home/domain/homes/user/Maildir/new/12768469 7705397 Time:1276846903 From:info@domain.tld To:user@domain.tld User:user.domain Size:7705449 Dest:/home/domain/homes/user/Maildir/new/1276846903.28627_0.web.domain.tld Mode:None

Any Idea, why things stopped working for me?

I'm not sure why that would have suddenly stopped working, that seems odd!

What if you look in your email log (either /var/log/maillog or /var/log/mail.log). When it attempts to deliver your messages, do any errors show up immediately before or after that?