Where can I find documentation on multiserver setup

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#1 Wed, 12/19/2012 - 22:29

Where can I find documentation on multiserver setup

I have ubuntu network set up. I am just trying to get the general idea of how things work with webmin/vitualmin/usermin. Here are my server listing: panel ns1 ns2 web db mail

For starters, I know I have to install webmin on each server then add them to the cluster. But then how do you work with Vitualmin?

Do I install virtualmin to all server? or can I install it to the panel server and control the services on the other server? I can barely find any documentation for this control panel considering how long it has been around.

Also can I specify in virtual min which services are where?

There was one document I saw that wanted me to install the full LAMP on the panel server then somehow make the other servers copies.... Can I now just run virtualmin on the panel server and have it just update the services on the other servers?

Thu, 12/20/2012 - 23:11

Well, the setup you're looking for isn't a simple one :-) And you're right, there isn't really any documentation on that.

It's not possible to have one Virtualmin server, and to manage all those services you described on multiple servers from that one central server.

You can have separate web and mail servers, if you want, but you'd have to manage each independently.

That is, on your web server, you can install Virtualmin, and setup example.com with the 'Apache website' feature.

And then, on your mail server, you can also install Virtualmin -- and on that server, setup your email users.

You can then do the same with your nameservers -- installing Virtualmin, and setting up example.com with just the BIND DNS Domain feature. You technically could do that with just Webmin.

There isn't a glamorous way to do all that though... it's essentially just setting up Virtualmin on each server with one feature with one feature enabled, instead of all of them.


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