FTP Backup stops at 1024bytes

I'm backing up to a FileZilla FTP server but the transfer stops at 1024bytes. The FTP servers works fine when connecting and uploading files from any FTP client so it's not a server problem. This issue only arises when trying to upload with virtualmin. It doesn't stop randomly or inconsistently but always at 1024 bytes.

Any help with regards to this will be helpful.




Howdy -- unfortunately, we weren't able to reproduce that issue.

What happens after it gets to 1024 bytes -- what message(s), if any, do you receive at that point?

We have heard reports of folks having issues similar to what you're describing which are caused by network issues between the Virtualmin server and the FTP server.

One thing you can do to test that is to see if you're able to use the "ftp" program on your Virtualmin server in order to connect to your FTP server and upload some files.

If you're using a special account on your FTP server, you may want to double-check that the account isn't over it's quota -- that's another possible cause for that issue.

Also, you may want to review the logs on your FTP server to see if it offers any input on what issue is occurring.

If the logs don't provide any details -- what you may be able to do is increase the logging verbosity on your FTP server, and then attempt the backups again.

Feel free to share the log output here, we certainly want to get it corrected if it turns out to be a Virtualmin issue.

Thanks for the prompt reply,

Virtualmin is producing the following error:

.. upload failed! Upload incomplete - file size is 19552846, but sent 16384

From the FTP server logs I get:

(000022)20/08/2013 15:41:45 - user (...)> 227 Entering Passive Mode (192,168,0,250,195,95) (000022)20/08/2013 15:41:45 - user (...)> STOR Backup_2013-08-20_14-10/backup.tar.gz (000022)20/08/2013 15:41:45 - user (...)> 150 Connection accepted (000022)20/08/2013 15:43:47 - user (...)> 426 Connection timed out, aborting transfer (000022)20/08/2013 15:43:47 - user (...)> 421 Connection timed out. (000022)20/08/2013 15:43:47 - user (...)> disconnected.

I've tried: - switch windows firewall on/off - switch router firewall on/off - ports for active/passive are forwarded to the right machine: 21/50000-51000 - testing file transfer with ftp client from various machines work perfectly - ftp account has no limits set and ample HD space (3TB)

Were you able to test the transfer from the Virtualmin machine itself?

It'd be great to rule out that there isn't a problem regarding it, or something between it and the FTP server.

That is, if you log into your Virtualmin server via SSH, and use the "ftp" command on the command line, are you ablle to transfer some decent sized files that way?