Opensuse and OpenSSH_6.2


I've just installed OpenSSH_6.2 and it's running but i can not start OpenSSH_6.2 with webmin. The button to start OpenSSH_6.2 it's not doing nothing. The distro it's Opensuse 13.1 but i could'nt do it with Opensuse 12.2. And /var/run/ it's not exist now.


Daniel Witoszek Arias



Howdy -- you may want to take a peek at Webmin -> Servers -> SSH Server -> Module Config.

In there, verify that the various listed paths point to files that exist -- especially "Full path to sshd PID file" and "Full path to sshd PID file".

If there is no PID file set on the Module Config file, Webmin should instead just look for a process called sshd

How can i do it, to use webmin with openssh 6.2 with open Suse 13.1?

In the "SSH Server" module, click on "Module Config" and set the "Full path to sshd PID file" to "None".