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#1 Thu, 01/12/2006 - 18:15

Glinks 3.04

I bought Links sql 2.0 years and years ago, and they have finally updated it to Glinks 3.04. It's a links directory, but can be used for so much more, for me it's a software repository for people to upload their demos, shareware, drivers, etc it's written by

Anyway, in Suse 10.0 there is that scriptalias for the cgi-bin, but Im wondering what to put in there since it's a mix of cgi scripts, images etc. Im assuming anything ending in .cgi would go in there, and if it was in a directory, say admin, then I would recreate the directory admin and put just the cgi scripts in the cgi-bin and leave anthing else behind, but it's also got all kinds of files that it calls, etc, would they go into the cgi-bin directory too, or would they be left in the admin directory in the public_html directory?

Whats the downfall of making my public_html directory be able to run cgi scripts and what is the proper way of doing it on suse 10.0 in virtualmin? I did it once before but dont remember how I did it. pure luck I think it was.

Thu, 01/12/2006 - 18:17

Just so people know it's not shareware or freeware and costs a pretty penny, back when I bought it, it was $450.00 but at the time it was worth every penny.

Thu, 01/12/2006 - 19:40
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Hey Adam,

When I need to install something like this (and when our Script Installers install something like this), I create a new dedicated directory in /home/domainname and then add a ScriptAlias for the domain. The documentation they provide for installation would probably also work--Virtualmin uses pretty standard locations for everything, the only possibly tricky bit is the use of SuExec (which enhances security quite a bit).

You could run one of the Script Installers just for experimentation, to see what configuration occurs in the httpd.conf file.


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