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#1 Thu, 11/23/2006 - 09:21

Installation for Horde

Hi there,

New to Virtualmin here, but it looks cool. I just purchased a license and am trying to install Horde and virtualmin came back with the following message

This script cannot be installed, as this virtual server does not meet its requirements : The PHP Pear module Log is required by Horde, but not installed

I am running CentOS 4.4, a clean install followed by installation of Virtualmin and a yum update after that.

Is there any easy way to install this module and get Horde running.

Any help will be much appreciated.

Mon, 11/27/2006 - 09:31

Hi there,

Sorry the repeat question. Anyway, I did a search in the forum and found my answers. I managed to get Horde running with the various modules installed.

Another question is this: I have setup a test domain with web and mail. When I used a browser to see the website; like ( this is pointed to the right ip address), I only get a directory listing. How do I enable the default page to display, rather then entering

Sorry if this is another stupid question. Pretty new to this linux game. Thanks in advance for any advice.

Mon, 11/27/2006 - 14:48 (Reply to #2)


I'm just a regular user.
I think your have to add index.htm to your Directory Indexing option in Apache or try change yor index filename to index.html and see if it picks it up then.


Tue, 11/28/2006 - 09:52 (Reply to #3)

Hi Leif,

Thanks for the info. I got it all figured this morning after sleeping on the problem during the night. I think my test run is over. My server is going live this weekend.


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