Webmin for Raspberry PI

Would really like to see webmin for Raspberry Pi !! Thin servers are getting very popular.



A couple of people have tried it, but reported pretty poor performance (mainly due to disk slowness).

Which linux distro is typically used on the Pi?

How about a dumb down version... just user/groups bind, Apache, php and package updating ?

So doesn't the regular Webmin debian package work then?

The install script won't work

Ok I got webmin installed and running on Raspberry PI3 and its working really good. I installed via the deb package since the install script would not work but its non issue since no one should be using it to host websites.. although straight html with some basic php seems to be working rather well. I wouldn't suggest to use it for any database usage.

Bind is working really well as a secondary since that uses very little bandwidth and cpu cycles.

Now can webmin be updated from the webmin sarge repo ?

What went wrong with the install script exactly? I'd test this myself, but I don't have a Pi system.

I don't remember off hand but it didn't seem to matter when I installed webmin via the deb package. Its working as intended and that's what matters right ?

Yeah .. I don't think webmin really needs to do anything special at all to support the PI.

I might tinker with the install script when I get another PI and fix the script to support the arm architecture if you don't object.

Debian, as in Vanilla Debian, isn't the main OS for the Raspberry Pi. Debian can be used but currently has some difficulties due to non-free firmware blobs. Raspbian, a modified Debian specifically built for Raspberry Pi, is what is mainly used. It has its own repositories and it is built by the Raspbian community on a Debian base. https://www.raspberrypi.org/documentation/raspbian/

I tried to install Virtualmin the other day (Friday, it is now Sunday) and the only way to do it is via the deb packages but that leaves alot of configuring for the user to do. Installing via the deb packages and configuring isn't difficult but it is time consuming and alot of people would give up. If the Virtualmin install script could be modified to support Raspbian it would be good.

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Submitted by Joe on Sun, 04/22/2018 - 18:55 Pro Licensee

Virtualmin install script definitely won't work on the Pi (or any non-x86 architecture), as a number of binary packages will be missing. Webmin probably is trivial to make work on just about any Linux, particularly one based on an already supported distribution. Virtualmin is a lot more complicated (just because of the dependencies, not because of anything specific about Virtualmin).

If I tweaked the script enough to get it working would you include it in the future ?

I'll maintain it if you do.

@ Joe, a quick question for you. What binary packages are missing from Raspbian that Virtualmin requires? Raspbian packages are built from Debian sources and as far as I am aware most of the Debian repository has been packaged by Raspbian.