Announcing Virtualmin Updates module

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#1 Mon, 03/26/2007 - 14:15
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Announcing Virtualmin Updates module

Hi all, <p> You asked for it...and Jamie wrote it. Jamie's awesome that way. <p> I've just rolled out a new module that checks for updates to all of the packages that Virtualmin uses (Apache, Webmin, all the stuff we install when you run the, plus we can add notes later for important security updates--stuff that's urgent will be marked as such). It's pretty cool. <p> Many users have asked for this over the past few months, most recently and succinctly Stephan Hodges and Alan Dobkin (who are both awesome that way). And, we couldn't think of any reason to put it off any longer. <p> This is a pretty complicated module, and it requires new features found only in Webmin 1.336 and Virtualmin Framed Theme 3.9, so you'll also need to upgrade those two packages, too. <p> So, without further ado, this is the last time you'll see this spiel about updating packages in a dozen different ways: <p> <p> To install on Red Hat based systems: <p> yum install wbm-security-updates <p> On SUSE systems: <p> yast -i wbm-security-updates <p> On Mandriva systems: <p> urpmi.update -a urpmi wbm-security-updates <p> And on Debian and Ubuntu systems: <p> apt-get update apt-get install webmin-security-updates <p> To upgrade on systems installed using .wbm packages, download the module from: <p> <p> Using your serial number as the username and your license key as the password. Then install it using the Webmin Modules module. <p> As always, let us know about any bugs you find by filing a bug in the bug tracker. <p> Oh, yeah...One caveat: This package shows up on your System Information page...and the first time it runs (and every couple of hours afterward) it's a little bit slow (and could be really slow if you have a lot of repositories configured for your updates system, or a slow network connection). We're aware of this, and have a plan to fix it. It'll just take us a few days to get that generic solution fixed and in the repository.

Mon, 03/26/2007 - 14:34

Install Module

: Module security-updates does not support this operating system (Mandriva Linux 2007.0)

Mon, 03/26/2007 - 17:14 (Reply to #2)
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Hey Scott,

Oops. It'll be fixed in the next version. (I just talked to Jamie about's easy to add. Expect a fix within 24 hours or so.)


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