Postfix + LDAP

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#1 Sat, 05/02/2009 - 14:25

Postfix + LDAP

I have been following this tutorial to combine LDAP with virtualmin - Combining Virtualmin and LDAP. Everything was going smoothly until I got to LDAP Client Setup section.

"If you get an error like user does not exist even when you are sure everything is correct, try restarting Webmin with the /etc/webmin/restart command run as root at the command line. On some systems, user and group data sources are cached by running server processes until they are restarted. "

I keep getting the "... user does not exist" error even though I restarted webmin and then I tried rebooting the computer and no luck. Also, when I check KDE User Manager the example user doesn't seem to have been added to the system. What am I missing? Shouldn't LDAP Client be adding a unix user?

FYI I am running Kubuntu 8.10.

Thanks in advance